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Mission Statement
The Baltimore American Indian Center Museum will introduce the stories of the experiences, cultures and histories of the original inhabitants of Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region, as well as other tribal communities that have, over several centuries, made Baltimore and Maryland their home.

The story of the North Carolina Lumbees, who created the Indian center and are the largest Native American community in Maryland, will be one of the Museum's important themes.

Through exhibitions, programming, events and the sale of culturally appropriate merchandise in the gift shop, the BAIC Museum will expand the knowledge of both Native and non-Native people about the richness of these living cultures and the tenacious efforts to maintain those cultures.

The Museum will support the efforts of the BAIC and other Native organizations in the ongoing efforts to serve and advocate for the Native Americans.

A Little Bit Of History...
Since 1968, The Baltimore American Indian Center (BAIC) has been serving the Native American community of Baltimore and its surrounding areas.
Since its inception, while functioning as a social and cultural outlet, the BAIC has offered many different types of support programs. Among them:
> The Baltimore American Indian Center Culture Program
> The annual Powwow, bringing 21st Century families together and preserving the __old ways
> The Native American After School Arts Program
> The Vera Shank Child Care Center
> The Native American Senior Citizens Programs
> and more....
Our story and our community commitment will continue through the years to come.
We invite you to be a part of creating the next chapter in our history by donating to the BAIC.

The BAIC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all
donations are tax deductible.
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