Museum Areas
Front Gate
Visitors to the Museum will enter from the front gate. The mural to the left on the side of the BAIC building will be refurbished.
The garden includes herbs and plants that were used by the Indian people on the East Coast, particularly in Maryland and North Carolina. Information on the plants and herbs will be part of the exhibit.
Garden Wall
The wall that begins at the front gate and extends to the Multi-Purpose Center will be painted and will be utilized for text, mosaic art and murals.
Multi-Purpose Center
The center's floor space is used for a variety of programs and events, culture classes, meetings, fund raising events and consequently cannot be utilized for exhibits. However, the Museum Board plans to use the wall space for murals and text. Museum sponsored or related programs (film, discussions, spiritual programs, events) will take place in the center.
Reception Area
Visitors will enter the Museum at the rear of the garden at the Reception Desk, which is just to the left of the entrance. An Entrance to the Multi-Purpose Center is just to the right of the Reception Desk. Visitors will be directed to visit the Multi-Purpose area upon entering the building and then return to the Reception area and proceed down the hallway to the front of the Museum.
The walls of the Hallway from the Reception Desk to the front of the Museum provide space for photographic exhibits, paintings, murals, wall hangings and more.
Gift Shop
The Gift Shop is located at the end of the Hallway where visitors will enter the main Museum area. The Shop will carry a variety of authentic Native American items; jewelry, clothing, baskets, ceramics, paintings, coffee, books, incense and seeds, to list a few. Visitors will also be able to purchase items from our website,
Major Display Area (Two Front Rooms and Front Hallway)
This area is the major part of the museum. Flat screens, a sound system, display cases and interactive exhibits will enable the BAIC Museum to utilize a variety of techniques to provide information and insight about the history, culture, experiences and identity of the Indian peoples of North America, the indigenous Maryland tribes and the Lumbee from North Carolina.
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